Questions In Interview

Interview Question: Do you have any questions?


Strategy and Approach to an Answer:

This is one of the most standard and common closing question in an interview. However it might be the most important one to leave a lasting impression. Your resume gets you in the door, but whether you leave as a job seeker or an employee depends on how you conduct yourself during the interview.

Many candidates think that when they hear, “Do you have any questions?” it’s a polite closing to the interview. This is further from the truth. The question really signals the start of the main course. Everything that came before was just appetizers.

Candidates who fail to ask at least a few intelligent questions, leave the following impressions:

Not one of these impressions works in your favor. Of course, not any old question will do. If you don’t think about this in advance, you run the risk of missing a critical opportunity by not asking intelligent questions. Good questions show the interviewer that you are interested in the job. Great questions gets you remembered when they decide who to hire.

Make sure all your questions advance the goals of the interviewer. At the same time, you have your own goals. In order of importance,
you want to:


Examples of questions to ask:

Note: These are generic examples of questions, however you take some time to prepare yourself to ask some questions that tailor to your own personal  brand.


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